Guidelines For all loans during COVID 19

Guidelines For all loans during COVID 19
May 29, 2020 admin

If you are unsure that you will be able to resume your mortgage payments at the end of the forbearance period, Get in touch your mortgage servicer before the end of your forbearance period. They might be able to extend your help.


The Homeowner’s Guide to Success explains what to do if you can’t meet your mortgage payments. Additionally, there are rules to protect homeowners in the foreclosure process, and towards the end of your forbearance you should receive communication from your servicer about your options. It is important to work with your servicer to understand the process and what your next steps are.

What I need to know to make sure I’m not being scammed!


Scammers often take advantage of vulnerable consumers during disasters and financial distress. In addition to coronavirus-related scams, be aware of scams that falsely promise financial relief from your mortgage loan, or foreclosure.


Stay on the look out for things such as:


  • Charge a high up-front fee for services
  • Promise to get you a loan modification
  • Ask you to sign over your property title
  • Ask you to sign documents you don’t understand
  • Tell you to make payments to someone other than your servicer
  • Tell you to stop making payments altogether
  • Promise you payment if you provide credit card numbers and other personal information


If you believe you are being victim of a scam give us a call we would love to help!